Top 10 Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s

I am a big fan of Trader Joe’s. I am such a fan I get asked, “what are your favorite things to buy there.” Instead of just answering – “everything,” I decided to come up with my top 10 favorite things to buy at TJ’s.

best trader joes

  1. Berries. I put berries on my steel cut oats and they always have good quality, good value berries. There is usually one variety on sale so I just buy that. My favorite, however, are the blackberries. In the summer, I switch to locally grown blueberries when I can get them but these get me through the winter months.healthy trader joe
  2. Steel cut oats. Easy to make if you use my shortcut.healthy trader joe
  3. Trader Joe’s Sprouted Bread. I suppose I should have put this first since, if you regularly read my blog, I am obsessed with it. Others must be as well since, unless you go early on Saturday, they are likely to be out for the weekend.healthiest things at trader joes
  4. Almond Butter. Really great price with just two ingredients – almonds and salt – and not too much of the things at trader joes
  5. Almonds. Their “just a handful of almonds” come in convenient single serve bags. You can get raw or things at trader joes
  6. Shaved Brussels’s Sprouts. Really great to use in the Brussels’s Sprouts Caesar on the Med Instead of Med things at trader joes
  7. Arugula. Labeled using the British name of Rocket, their baby arugula (rocket) is the very best I have ever had.healthy trader joes
  8. Low fat fish sticks. These fall in the “healthy – isi” category. Great to use for quick fish tacos.healthy trader joes
  9. Organic carrots of many colors. These very fun colorful carrots are delicious things at trader joes
  10. Pecorino Romano and Parmesan Blend. Good value for a great blend of grated cheese. Just a teaspoon transforms a salad from good to great. Really good on the arugula (see above).

BONUS – I have used up my 10 but have a bonus for you. WINE – how can you talk about Trader Joes without mentioning their budget friendly wine options? Look for Trader Joes’ exclusive wines, they are usually good. Stay away from the 2 buck (now 3 buck) Chuck.


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