Tired of the Same Old Fruit?

Eating more fruit is one of the hallmarks of the Mediterranean lifestyle. healthy snackIf you are like me, you sometimes get stuck in a fruit rut – apples, oranges, and the occasional banana. I love all fruit but just get in fruit jags that don’t make my fruit eating very exciting.

Enter kiwi. I love kiwi and I just forgot about it until I saw a big box of the cute brown furry fruit in the produce aisle. They are the perfect lunch addition or snack.  The other cool thing about kiwi as a snack it that you can really grab one and throw in your lunch bag with a spoon. Yes, the new thing is to cut and scoop out with a spoon. Easy enough, right?

So here some facts you may have know but forgot about KIWI:

  • Has more potassium than a banana
  • Has more fiber than most leading cereals
  • Has more Vitamin E and K than an avocado
  • Has more Vitamin C than an orange

How do you like to eat a kiwi? Any other “fun” fruits we should try?


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