How Do You Spell Zucchini?

“Mom, how do you spell zucchini?” askedgrocery list my eight – year old son this past weekend. He was sitting across from me on the kitchen counter as I was peeling & dicing carrots for lunch and he was jotting down the grocery list for me. He asked about a few other spellings and suggested we add in-shell peanuts to the list because he really likes those type. After I was done calling out the items, he even re-wrote the entire list from his first draft so we had a cleaner version with his best handwriting to use at the store.

Going to the grocery store with a list is an important strategy in the Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less program. It allows you to stay focused on what you really need and to be mindful of what you add to your cart. We even have a template to get you started on your next grocery trip. Involving your kids with creating this list has several advantages. I have noted a few below and you can help add to this from your experience!

  • It gives a busy mom like me a few minutes of productive interaction with my child.
  • It allows my kid to be involved with grocery store trip planning and raises curiosity about items that he may not be familiar with. It sparks interest in him for new items such as Bulgar wheat that are on my list to try.
  • It gives my son a chance to think about something new that he may want to try during the week. It also makes sure we don’t miss buying his favorites like carrots and peanuts.
  • It allows him to look through the refrigerator or pantry to see if we are out of something – this is a great way to get him familiar with what’s kept where in the kitchen.
  • It gives a great opportunity for my child to practice his spelling!!

Involving your kids in the kitchen is a great way to help them eat healthier. Getting them to help write the grocery store list is the perfect first step.

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