“I decreased my cholesterol from 246 to 200!”

Below is a testimonial from a current Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less participant, Anna. Anna shares her journey so far through Eat Smart, Move Moreonline weight loss, Weigh Less. Way to go, Anna!

“Well, I have GREAT news to share with you; I have had my cholesterol screened via a free Sam’s Club screening, and I have decreased my cholesterol from 246 (in October 2016) to 200!!! That’s from the dangerously high range to almost the normal range! I can’t help thinking that your suggestions re: food/drink and exercise are assisting me in meeting my initial goal of improving my overall cholesterol. AND my HDL (the good cholesterol) increased (from increased exercise, I believe) from 71 to 74. I really think that healthier food choices and monitoring my food intake have helped in a big way.

I am going to strive to maintain these choices even after the program is over, and hopefully I can decrease my overall cholesterol even more (and my LDL’s). I am motivated now! Thank you for your positive reinforcement; every part of this program is helping me. Knowledge is power, and I am learning as I go along. I did adjust my weight goal, as you suggested since I am really within normal limits as far as my weight is concerned. My body fat is normal also, as a Sam’s Club measurement showed, and my risk factor is in the “desirable” range as well. Since gardening season is under way, I am doing more of that; I just laid some brick for a landscaping project I am undertaking. So I know my exercise will increase with the season beginning! Thanks again!”



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