“I decided to face my insecurities & prioritize my health.”

We are thrilled to introduce our guest blogger, Rhonda. Rhonda has recently finished her Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less class series and has shared her story below. We would not be more proud, way to go Rhonda!

I’m Still Smiling!

I thought “I’ve never taken an online class.  Will I know what to do?” and “How will I find the time for a class each week?” But I decided to face my insecurities, prioritize some time for myself for once and make some much needed changes in my life.  The thought of finally reaching my weight loss goal made me smile.   I signed up for the Eat Smart, Move More and Weigh Less class and BOY, am I ever glad that I did!

I have tried every diet and “program” out there but none have been as successful for me as this class.

It helped me become a more “mindful” eater, track what I eat using fun technology and find creative ways of staying active.  The instructor was not only informative, she had a great sense of humor and was very engaging with each class member.  Our privacy was maintained, but it was fun to interact with the instructor and other members of the class in real time.

Although I was initially a little apprehensive about taking the class, I soon found myself looking forward to each class time.  Watching the numbers on the scales slowly recede each week was very rewarding.  Our class ran from September through December 18.  For the first time EVER, I didn’t gain weight between the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas parties.  In fact, I actually LOST weight!  I ate my favorite foods but used my newly acquired strategies so I didn’t feel at all deprived.

My class ended a few weeks ago and I continue to eat smart, move more and I’m getting closer to my long term weight loss goal every day.  THAT makes me smile!  In fact, I may take the class again to help keep me on track.  The class is awesome!

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