BEST bread, low calorie, high fiber, high protein

Looking for a good bread? If by good you mean tastes great, not overly expensive, not high in calories, hi4d58e43c-ae60-9a89-4caa-a8d9b2b99e15gh in fiber, and high in protein, then LOOK NO FURTHER. Trader Joe’s line of sprouted breads are fantastic. At only 60 calories per slice, 3 grams of fiber, and a whopping 5 grams of protein, you can have two slices with your egg in the morning.

To make it even more appealing , it is lower cost than many breads of this quality ($3). Finally, it only has a few ingredients as you can see by the labe
l. All-in-all a really great whole-grain choice. If you like rye, as I do, there is also a rye variety that is equally good. Give it a try – ENJOY!


Update: Trader Joe’s has changed the recipe to this bread. Does it still remain as the best bread?┬áRead the full update here: Is Trader Joe’s Sprouted Wheat Still King?






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